Learn a little about me and my passion for great website content, SEO and online marketing.

As a Content Specialist and website editor with a background in public relations, I am a skilled creator of effective, engaging print and new media materials. Whether developing editorial content, marketing and public relations communications, or user-friendly website tools and features, my goal is to deliver a unique and valuable user experience to support business goals.

I'm a fan of all media, especially the web - and what I enjoy most about working in the online world is being able to mix my passion for marketing communication with web-based social media and new technology.  I enjoy every aspect of the creative process, and I believe a balance of strategic planning, compelling content, good design, and technology-driven user experience will connect clients to their audience in the changing media landscape.

Take a minute to look at my portfolio for a glance at the projects I've had the pleasure of working on.

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